Privilege is a great thing to have.

And use,

But far too often,

It isn’t recognized and abused.


We all have privilege in one form or another,

Let’s understand that privilege and bias exist,

So that we can make this world a better place for each other.


As a man,

I don’t have to worry walking on the street at night,

Worrying if some crazed, lustful man

Catches me in sight.


Only to be blamed of my victimhood

Not believed or heard,

And somehow being shamed into thinking that this was something,

That I deserved.


Give women the power to believe,

Give women the power to succeed,

And finally move away from this idea that she must be subservient to a man,

In order to accomplish her dreams.


But dreams can become an everlasting nightmare.

If you’re a black man walking on street,

You can be perceived as an immediate threat,

That needs to be deceased.

All because of the color of my skin,

All the countless of police recordings and still no justice for our young kin.


Because of my dark skin,

I am marginalized,


And ultimately dehumanized in the eyes of many

It feels like my life means nothing anymore to the man behind the badge and gun.


Black families have to have “The Talk”

Not about the birds and the bees,

But rather how people will react to your blackness

And understand what it could mean.

Because once you’re seen as a threat,

Be careful.

I dare not make the slightest wrong move that I’ll regret.


We’re in a constant struggle for equality and justice for all

And when athletes use their platform to raise awareness,

They are told to shut up and dribble a ball.


They’re told that their protest is disrespecting our troops and veterans.

Instead of listening to the message,

People pay attention to the method,

They bring up the vets,

Because it gives them the luxury to disregard the unarmed black men that lay dead.


I mean no disrespect,

But let me be honest and ask,

About how our society operates,

That seems to be full of crass.


How often have you seen a homeless vet and gave them a dollar?

Yeah, some may act strange and holler

But that’s just the PTSD that we forget to recognize and acknowledge.

How many times do you walk by

And not crack a smile?

How often do you pretend you don’t see them on the street?

As you casually step over them beneath your feet,

While they’re begging because they have no money to eat

Don’t tell me,

Show me what you truly believe.


Do we really care about veterans?

We say one thing and do another,

As crowds chant U-S-A in pure rapture

But support a president that says,

“I don't think John McCain was a war hero because he was captured.”


I’ll never understand it.

Like white privilege,

If you don’t believe it exist,

Just look at our politics.

What if Barack Obama had an affair with a porn star and lied about it?


The president acts in a way no parent would ever want their child to

Name calling, online bullying,

Or making fun of a handicap reporter,

Maybe he’s right when he said,

“I can shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a single supporter.”


We are supposed to be The Land of the Free

And Home of the Brave

But when it comes to immigrants,

We become afraid.


Of the “other”

Of what we don’t know,

Of what’s different,

When I hear “Make America Great Again”

I can’t help but to think going back to our original sin.


I think about my mom--an immigrant.

Who came to this country for a better life

Pays her taxes and works hard everyday

Just so she can put clothes on my back,

Food on my plate,

And a smile on my face.


A Better life for their families,

That's really all immigrants want

But is met with hostility

From a man that says,

"Build A Wall and I'll drain the swamp!"


They say, "If you don't like it--leave!"

Forgetting that they brought my ancestors here,

Forced them to work like sheep,

This country had become a part of them and me.

True patriotism isn't about agreeing with everything you see.

True patriotism is wanting to change the country for the better,

So that everyone can be free.