We Have 99 Problems...Mass Shootings Are Definitely One.

Let’s be honest...are we really surprised? Are we really surprised that a madman was able to get his hands on an AR-15 and slaughter over a dozen kids in a school? If you are surprised, you simply have not been paying attention. As I sit here watching family members literally cry out for help is heartbreaking. One of the victim’s mother said on CNN, “I just spent the last two hours arranging my 14 year old daughter’s funeral.” This quote sent chills through my body…but my sadness quickly turned to frustration. Because there’s a pattern to this. We send thoughts and prayers, have our gun control debates on social media, and forget within two weeks.

I just have to ask you a question. Do we REALLY believe that mental health is the problem? Because almost exactly a year ago, President Trump rolled back former President Obama’s executive order that made it harder for people with a history of mental illness to purchase a gun. I don’t care if you’re an extreme liberal or a die hard Trump supporter...that action to roll back that executive order was monumentally stupid. And last time I checked, people who maintain the “mental illness” talking point remained silent when this action was taken.

Saying the shooting was a result of “mental illness” is cowardice. That’s not to say that mental illness isn’t a legitimate issue...because it is. But it’s starting to be used as an excuse for inaction. It’s another way of saying, “There nothing we could’ve done. The shooter was mentally ill.” I agree he was a mentally ill...But there’s NOTHING we could do? Hmmm...because what if the shooter was Mexican? Wouldn’t people be chanting “Build that Wall”? And God forbid he was a Muslim...the president would be working on banning them from the country. But since he was a white male, we kindly send our thoughts and prayers and go about our lives with this disingenuous attitude as if we can’t do something about it.

I’m in a state of confusion...especially those who pride themselves on being “pro-life.” My question is...where is your “pro-life” agenda now? How is that you’re so concerned with a fetus’s life but not the lives of kids in a school? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the concern of life? Because the only concern I see is about protecting the same guns that are capable of creating a massacre like the one we saw this past week.

Now the problem with the whole gun debate is that people tend to be simple-minded...on purpose. I’ve heard arguments like, “so let’s just ban knives and trucks because they can kill people too.” As I shake my head in frustration, I always find myself explaining why that doesn’t make any sense. First of all, unlike guns, trucks aren’t made to kill. Trucks are made to get you from point A to point B...to assist with transportation. Can they kill people? Of course. But I think it’s safe to say that a car or a truck’s primary purpose isn’t to mow over a crowd of people. And a knife is made for cutting food and other things. Can knives kill people? Again, of course. But a knife also can’t kill at the rate of an AR-15.

Speaking of, why do citizens need a military style weapons on the street anyway? I'm 20 years old. Let this idea simmer for a couple of seconds then please continue reading...I legally cannot buy a beer from the store down the street, but I can buy a weapon that can cause a massacre...there’s something off with that picture.

I’ve heard of solutions like, “let’s arm our teachers with guns.” I chuckle at the absurdity of that statement. Our teachers aren’t even given enough funding for paper and pencils...who’s going to arm all of them with a gun? Who knows, maybe the NRA? *knee slapper*

Over time, I’ve become somewhat of a cynic...specifically regarding guns. Think about it...we saw 20 first graders mercilessly gunned down at an elementary school...and even THAT wasn’t enough to do anything. Oh and not to mention, the 3 of the top 10 largest mass shooting in modern American history all happened within the past 4 months (let that simmer as well.) But because we have this thing called the National Rifle Association, that pay our elected politicians thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars, Congress remains paralyzed on this issue.

It’s easy to give up. In times like this, it's easy to be hopeless. But what gives me hope is that people who never spoke up are now speaking out. The tide is turning. People have had enough. We have to at least try to do something about this epidemic. This shouldn’t be the norm. It can't just start and end with condolences. And don’t get me wrong...as a Christian, sending thoughts and prayers to those in a state of mourning and grief is imperative. But it must be followed by action